How Can I Help?

You can help us reach more children by sending financial donations to:

Birthday Blessing, Inc.
43546 Firestone Place
Leesburg, Virginia 20176

or donate new toys and gifts for children and teens (ages 3 - 16). Donations of wrapping paper are also very much appreciated.

How much will help?
The birthday presents we deliver have a $30 value. We have had individual sponsors donate anywhere from $10 to $5,000. The more money we raise, the more children we can help. And remember all donations are tax deductible!

Donate your time to:

  • Sponsor a Toy Drive - get your office, church, school, or club involved
  • Wrap and deliver gifts
  • Find new Sponsorships (corporate/private)
  • Assist in marketing and promotional activities
  • Research possible donors through the internet
  • Refer friends and organizations that want to get involved as volunteers and donors