Birthday Blessing Beginnings

The Realization . . .
It all began when I was volunteering in a Summer Enrichment Program at an inner city church in Washington, D.C. There I encountered a sixteen year old boy who would not receive a birthday present as it was all his single mom could do to provide a modest apartment and feed her children. Certainly there was no money for luxuries such as birthday presents.

I got this boy a birthday present which the program director gave to him. He clutched it tightly in his arms as other children excitedly said, “Open it, open it!” His response, “No, I’m going to wait until I get home and open it tonight with my mom.”

This was his first birthday present!

The Idea…
I realized there are a lot of children who won’t receive birthday presents on their special day due to economic straits. Thus, Birthday Blessing Inc. was created to make certain that the most underprivileged children will receive a birthday present, acknowledging their special day and making them feel important.